Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Halle Scream Part 1 and Part 2

 This is The Scream. I made this artwork my own by recreating The Scream as a girl. She has modern day clothing. I tried to make this recreation of the scream look like me, but at the same time keep the same shapes and details. I did change the background. First, I got the picture of the scream and I enlarged it. Then I put it in Photoshop and started outlining. I made a new layer for the tie-dye smudge background. For the background, I put bright happy colors and then used a special smudge tool to make lines in the smudging. Next, I colored the entire background and the girl. Lastly, I flattened the image...But I'm not finished yet.
Part 2 of the assignment was to put your head onto the scream painting. I used took a picture with photobooth, and no filter. I used the magnetic lasso and cut out my face. Then I put my face on a the same contour layer as the rest of my drawing. I used the eye dropper tool to then change the skin color to match better with my face. I also fixed the arms to make then more realistic. I flattened the image and saved the art as a jpeg. And now presenting The Halle Scream!

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