Friday, December 2, 2016

Scanned Felt Tip Drawing

I drew a flower, then I scanned the drawing and placed it in photoshop. I used different brushes to make the flower look nice. The brushes were different sizes, shapes, and different shades of pink.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


I made this comic. It's my favorite digital art project. I made this comic like three friends are ice skating and one of them sees someone, they like from school. Then they live happily ever after! I planned out this comic before drawing them in Photoshop.
                                                                                   The End

haunted castle

This is a colored scene of a haunted castle. I picked three characters to use. This project was very hard because lines were not connected on the .png so I had a hard time coloring.

Tweety Bird

This is Tweety bird. I got the picture of Tweety bird and the feathers from Google. I used photoshop to place the feathers on Tweety bird. Since, the bird has no feathers it was kinda hard to place the feathers in the right places, so i just placed the feathers where I thought they would be. ;)

Albrecht Dürer inspired Harambe

This is my Albrecht Dürer inspired art. I did a picture of Harambe because we were doing animal pictures. I found thins picture on the internet. I outlined the picture and put it into a grayscale, then I picked a pattern for Harambe and a pattern for the background. ;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


This is my kaleidoscope coloring. I found the original online and I used Photoshop to color it in. I liked this one because it was very simple and easy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Where's Halle

This is my Wheres Halle. I am hidden in the picture above try to find me. I found many pictures of things I like and I made a collage.


This is my Edward Gorey inspired art. "H is for Halle who strangled Sally." I am on top of Sally and I'm about to stab her while a train passes that is going to run her over.

Selena Gomez coloring page

This is my Selena Gomez coloring page. I just traced the original photo and left it black and white for someone to color.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Myself Cartooned

This is myself cartooned. I took a photo of me in photo booth. Then, I put this photo in to Photoshop. I made a layer for the original picture, a layer for the outline and coloring, and a layer for the background. I outlined myself with a black 3 pixel brush. Next, I used the magic wand tool and I took clicked on certain sections to to create a contour. I contoured on the face, neck, and shirt. I used the eye dropper tool to match my skin color and shirt. For the background I created a graffiti look. I took some different colors and I made random lines. Lastly, I flattened my and saved it as a jpeg.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Starry Pokemon Night

Introducing Starry Pokemon Night! I used six Pokemon that I like. Those Pokemon are (Right to Left) Torchic, Pikachu, Squirtle, Mew, Togepi, and Bulbasaur. I used got a picture of the original Starry Night and I enlarged. Then, I put this original painting into Photoshop, where I outlined it. I wanted to show a Poke gym instead of the black mountain in the original. Next, I colored the sky and smudged similar colors. Then, I placed the Pokemon in where the yellow stars were suppose to be. After, I put a Pokemon town from the tv shows to represent the village in the original. Lastly, I blended the sky and the village together and I deleted all the layers I did not need.

The Halle Scream Part 1 and Part 2

 This is The Scream. I made this artwork my own by recreating The Scream as a girl. She has modern day clothing. I tried to make this recreation of the scream look like me, but at the same time keep the same shapes and details. I did change the background. First, I got the picture of the scream and I enlarged it. Then I put it in Photoshop and started outlining. I made a new layer for the tie-dye smudge background. For the background, I put bright happy colors and then used a special smudge tool to make lines in the smudging. Next, I colored the entire background and the girl. Lastly, I flattened the image...But I'm not finished yet.
Part 2 of the assignment was to put your head onto the scream painting. I used took a picture with photobooth, and no filter. I used the magnetic lasso and cut out my face. Then I put my face on a the same contour layer as the rest of my drawing. I used the eye dropper tool to then change the skin color to match better with my face. I also fixed the arms to make then more realistic. I flattened the image and saved the art as a jpeg. And now presenting The Halle Scream!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mona Lisa Project

I started my Mona Lisa art work by using the original Mona Lisa drawing and making it a very large image. Then, I put the original drawing into photoshop. I made another layer and started tracing the drawing with a black three pixel brush. Then, I colored the photo in using the magic wand tool, brushes, and smudge tool. I used the smudge tool to create a 3-D affect. The smudge tool came in handy to contour the outfit, neck, and checks. I deleted all my other backgrounds leaving the sunset and the contour drawing. Then, I used the flatten tool to push all the drawings together. Last, I touched up all the lines, made everything more detailed, and this is the final product.