Thursday, January 19, 2017

30 Day Photo Challenge 1

Day 1// Self Portrait

Day 2// What You Wore Today

Day 3// Clouds
Day 4// Something Green 

Day 5// Birds Eye View

Day 6// Worms Eye View

Day 7// Fruit

Day 8// A Bad Habit 

Day 9// Someone You Love 

Day 10// Childhood Memory

Day 11// Something Blue

Day 12// Sunset 
Day 13// Yourself With 13 Things 

Day 14// Eyes 

Day 15// Silhouette
Day 16// Long Expsure 
Day 17// Technology 
Day 18// Your Shoes 

Day 19// Something Orange 

Day 20// Bokeh 
Day 21// Faceless Self Portrait
Day 22// Hands 

Day 23// Sunflare 
Day 24// Animal 

Day 25// Something Pink 
Day 26// Close-up 

Day 27// From A Distance 

Day 28// Flowers 

Day 29// Black And White 

Day 30// Self Portrait 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Warhol-esque Digital Painting

This is my Warhol-esque painting. I doubled the size of the painting and I also colored each one with different colors. I had to adjust the brightness and color, to create this.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Georgia O'Keeffe-Inspired Digital Painting... Close up Flower

I colored this flower in photoshop. I just used thick paintbrushes to paint and show the differences between the petals. I used a smooth paintbrush to paint the colors of the petals. I lastly used a thin yellow brush to pain the middle.

Digital Post-Impressionist Portrait

I made this is photoshop. I used the brush that was spotted in different colors and the same colors. I used the same color spotted brush the do my skin, hair, and headband. Then, I used the different color brush to to make the background and my clothes.

Digital Post-Impressionist Landscape

I painted the one on the top, the one on the bottom is the original. I found the picture on Google. I used a special brush that had different colored spots. I did some of this free handed and traced some of it but there are no straight lines.

Digital Painting of Choice: Sketchbook Pro

I colored the first couple of planets in Artrage, since I did not have sketchbook pro on my computer. I did this completely freehand on the computer, I did not trace the image. I used many different paintbrushes, tools, and colors.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Create a New Logo for Favorite Brand

 This is my new logo for Snapchat. I used Photoshop to change the colors of the logos and paste new photos in.

ArtRage Composition: Formal/Informal Balance

This is a Formal balance. I made this in artrage and I used a split line. The split line was down the middle of the page and drew on only one side. What I drew was also drawn on the otherside.

Street Art Piece in ArtRage

This is my street art piece. I made it half in Artrage and half in Photoshop. In Photoshop I put the pictures together and did the writing, in Artrage I colored in the street art.

ArtRage Stencils: Rhythm/Movement

I made this painting in Artrage. I used one stencil and color it in with the glitters in a rainbow order. Next, I saved he image and used copied it eight times in Photoshop. Then, I pasted all of them back onto one paper.

Rothko-esque Painting in ArtRage

 I made this piece in artrage. I used the paint then I used the scraper tool and blended it all together. The blending took a long time to make the painting look smooth. I used blue and blended it in the middle.

Celebrity With Animal Name

This is my celebrity with animal name. I did William Shakespurr, it is a combined version of a cat and William Shakespeare. I used an eraser with low opacity and erased the cat to fit Williams face.