Friday, April 21, 2017

Hybrid Character

This is my Hybrid Character. I made it in Photoshop. I used Spongebob characters and combined them to create the Plankrickbob.

Colorized Drawing

This is my Colorized Drawing. I drew the photo and used a scanner to put it on my computer. Next, I used Photoshop to color and the smudge tool to make the flower petals look nice.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Create an Animated .gif File

This is my Animated .gif File. I made it in Photoshop CS5 with some photos I took in Photobooth.

Panoramic Image

This is my Panoramic Image. I took photos around Marshall Middle School and put them together in Photoshop.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Retouching Assignment

This is my Retouching Assignment I found a photo online of a wrinkly man. I used paintbrushes and smudging tools to create a version without wrinkles.

Magazine Cover Assignment

This is my Magazine Cover Assignment I placed my face on the celebrity that go best dressed for 2012.

Movie Poster Assignment

This is my Movie Poster Assignment I put my face on the girls from white chicks. I had to change the color of my face to match the one on the movie cover.

 I also made my face on the smurfs, because the new movie is coming out soon. I turned my face blue in photoshop to match the smurfs.

Photo Collage with Text Features

This is my Photo Collage with Text Features. I made this using Photoshop and photo booth.

Classical "Painted" Portrait

This is my Classical "Painted" Portrait. I used a filter in Photoshop to make this photo look painted.