Thursday, November 3, 2016


I made this comic. It's my favorite digital art project. I made this comic like three friends are ice skating and one of them sees someone, they like from school. Then they live happily ever after! I planned out this comic before drawing them in Photoshop.
                                                                                   The End

haunted castle

This is a colored scene of a haunted castle. I picked three characters to use. This project was very hard because lines were not connected on the .png so I had a hard time coloring.

Tweety Bird

This is Tweety bird. I got the picture of Tweety bird and the feathers from Google. I used photoshop to place the feathers on Tweety bird. Since, the bird has no feathers it was kinda hard to place the feathers in the right places, so i just placed the feathers where I thought they would be. ;)

Albrecht Dürer inspired Harambe

This is my Albrecht Dürer inspired art. I did a picture of Harambe because we were doing animal pictures. I found thins picture on the internet. I outlined the picture and put it into a grayscale, then I picked a pattern for Harambe and a pattern for the background. ;)